Rural Electric Association Forms

These forms should be filed on or before March 15 by every cooperative association organized under Chapter 185, Wis. Stats., which carries on the business of generating, transmitting or distributing electric energy to its members at wholesale or retail. Each cooperative association shall pay, in lieu of all other general property and income taxes, an annual license fee computed on that portion of its total gross revenues apportioned to Wisconsin, as defined under Sec. 76.48(1G)(d), Wis. Stats. The Department of Revenue will send a bill for the assessment on or about April 10.

Fill-in forms option: Please read the instructions first before using this option. This is not available for all the forms. This option will not electronically file your form.

Form Name Description
RE-001 Rural Electric Association Annual Report for License Fee Purposes (01/15) Fill-In Form
UT-149 Operating, Utility-Leased Real Property (10/11) | Fill-In Form
UT-149NO Non-Operating Utility-Owned Real Property (10/11) | Fill-In Form
UT-149O Utility-Owned Real Property (10/11) | Fill-In Form
UT-144 Utility Company Assets Report (e-file form) – Formerly the UT-142 and UT-143


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