Association of Municipal Electric Forms

These forms should be used by a company, including any proportional share of any property owned by a company in conjunction with any other person or public agency and is declared to be public property used for essential public and governmental purposes and such property or proportional share. A company shall make payments-in-lieu-of-taxes to the state equal to the amount which would be paid to the state under ss. 76.01 to 76.26 for such project or share thereof if it were deemed to be owned by a company under s. 76.02(8).

Fill-in forms option: Please read the instructions first before using this option. This is not available for all the forms. This option will not electronically file your form.

Form Name Description
MP-800 Project Status Annual Report for Association of Municipal Electric Companies (10/11)
UT-008 Application for Exemption of Waste Treatment Facility - Utility (10/11) | Fill-In Form
UT-009 Schematic Diagram of Waste Treatment Facility Showing Relationship of Components Schedule A of Form UT-008 (3/03)
UT-149 Operating, Utility-Leased Real Property (10/11) | Fill-In Form
UT-149NO Non-Operating Utility-Owned Real Property (10/11) | Fill-In Form
UT-149O Utility-Owned Real Property (10/11) | Fill-In Form


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