News for Tax Professionals (2010)

Date Description
December 1 2010 Health Savings Account
December 1 2010 Jobs Tax Credit
December 21 Conduit Revenue Bonds
December 21 Reporting Sales Tax on Sales of Used Motor Vehicles, Boats, Snowmobiles, Recreational Vehicles, Trailers, Semitrailers, All-Terrain Vehicles, and Aircraft - Updated 10/27/11
December 21 Do I Need a Wisconsin Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate for Every Residential Customer to Sell Them Propane Without Wisconsin Sales Tax?
December 21 Registration of Snowmobiles and ATVs in Wisconsin by Nonresidents - Updated 4/28/14
December 21 Septic System Installers - Taxable Items Less Than 10% of Total Contract Price - Updated 9/30/13
December 14 Jobs Tax Credit
December 14 Deduction for One-Half of Self-Employment Tax
December 14 Hot Air Balloon Rides and Other Aircraft-Related Admissions
December 14 "Buy One, Get One Free" and Similar Promotions - Updated 12/8/11
December 8 Streamlined Sales Tax - Fall 2010 Training PowerPoint
December 7 Electronic Exemption Certificates Are Acceptable in Wisconsin
December 7 Sales-Use Tax Exemption: Property Consumed, Destroyed, or Losing Its Identity In Manufacturing - Updated 10/27/11
December 7 Beginning Farmer and Farm Asset Owner Credit
November 23 DOR Sales Tax Audits Include Reconciliation of Gross Receipts
November 23 Farmland Credit Changes for 2010
November 18 Wisconsin Treatment for The Conversion of a Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA
November 18 IRS/DOR Tax Practitioner Workshops A Success
November 18 Income Tax Prepayment - Electronic Filing Option
November 18 Sales/Use and Withholding Tax Annual Filing Frequency Scan
November 18 Change in Filing Dates for Returns Due in 2011 - Filing Due Date is April 18, 2011 for Wisconsin
November 12 Tax Treatment of Rollover Distributions From Section 401(k), 403(b), or 457(b) Plans
November 8 Sales of Ice Cream Cakes and Similar Items
November 8 Exemption for United States Flags and Wisconsin State Flags
November 8 Landscaping Services and Snow Removal Services
November 8 Late Filing Fees
November 3 Changes to Power of Attorney Law, Effective September 1, 2010
October 25 2010 Wisconsin Tax Benefits For Medical Care Insurance
September 29 Letters to Mandate Electronic Filing and Payment
September 27 Combined Return Filers: Are You Properly Reporting Estimated Payments on Form 4M?
September 20 Local Expo Room Tax Rate To Increase To 2.5%
September 16 Unsolicited E-Mail Policy
September 1 Sales and Use Tax Treatment of Extended Service Contracts and Warranties
September 1 Taxation Of Services Provided To An IRIS Participant - Updated 5/14/14
August 24 Internal Revenue Code Section 179 Expense For Farmers For 2010
August 19 Advance Earned Income Credit
August 16 Exempt Sales to the Federal Government
August 2 Summer Camps
June 29 Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Or Repayment Programs Not Effective For Wisconsin
June 24 Property Taxes For The Veterans And Surviving Spouses Property Tax Credit
June 14 Correction to June 2010 Wisconsin Tax Bulletin # 167
June 9 Effect Of Recent IRS Ruling On Wisconsin Domestic Partnerships
June 1 Form WT-7 Estimates
May 25 Sales and Use Tax Treatment of Procurement Card Programs
May 19 Taxation of Grants For Low Income Housing Projects
May 4 New Form EFT-102 and Policy for Requesting Waivers From Electronic Filing and Electronic Payments and Deposits
May 4 Reminder on Amounts to Report on Schedules K-1 from Pass-Through Entity Estimated Withholding Tax Payments
April 20 Haiti Relief Workers Qualify for Combat Zone Extension
March 16 Federal Roth IRA Conversion Law Adopted for Wisconsin
March 8 Interest From Build America Bonds Taxable
March 8 Effect of the Subtraction For Medical Care Insurance on the Itemized Deduction Credit
March 5 Reminder Regarding Third Party Sick Pay
March 5 Tax Credit Bonds
March 1 Software Vendor Error
February 22 New Reject Codes on E-Filed Returns
February 22 Forms W-RA Transmitted Electronically
February 18 Estates & Grantor Trusts: Limited Exceptions for Pass-Through Entities Making Estimated Withholding Tax Payments
February 1 Federal Law Relating To The Deduction For Charitable Contributions For Haiti Disaster Relief Does Not Apply For Wisconsin
January 27 Products Purchased Prior to October 1, 2009 That No Longer Qualify for Exemption Because of Changes in Definitions - Use Tax Not Due
January 27 Local Food And Beverage Tax Rate To Increase
January 27 How To Report Suspected Tax Fraud Update
January 21 Important My Tax Account Update
January 20 Special Withholding Arrangement Related to Wisconsin-Minnesota Income Tax Reciprocity Termination
January 14 Withholding Tax Account Number
January 12 Withholding Telefile Available
January 4 Use Correct Year's Form

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