To: Primary Assessors

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) would like to remind assessors that you are required to provide assessment data to us completely and promptly, under state law (sec. 73.03(5), Wis. Stats.). If you still need to submit your 2013 data through the Provide Assessment Data (PAD) system, review the following deadlines.

Deadlines for submitting your 2013 sales and assessment information:

These deadlines apply when you use the PAD system to submit individual sale information and when you send an electronic file to DOR.

Electronic files

If you submit an electronic file, contact us to test the file layout before the deadline.

PAD information


Please inform your District office of any new municipalities you are assessing in 2014, or any municipalities you assessed in 2013 that you no longer assess.

We appreciate your continued efforts to provide verified, accurate, and timely information.

Thank you.

Page last updated February 6, 2014