Web Access Management System (WAMS) Instructions
for E-filing Manufacturing M-Forms

Registering for a WAMS User ID allows you access to Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) documents that may be confidential or have restrictions.

Steps to obtain the authority to e-file the Manufacturing Personal Property (M-P) and Manufacturing Real Estate (M-R) Forms requests:

  1. Go to https://on.wisconsin.gov and click on "self registration".
  2. Read the Wisconsin Web Access Management System User Acceptance Agreement and if you agree, click on "accept".
  3. Fill out the user information. NOTE: You must have an accessible and unique email address to complete the self-registration process.
  4. Submit your contact and account information. You will be sent a confirmation email immediately containing a web link to the Account Activation Page.
  5. Click on the web link in your confirmation email. You must respond to this email within four days.
  6. Log in using your WAMS ID and password to activate your WAMS account.

To gain the ability to e-file your forms and access your account:

  1. Mail or fax a signed letter to your District Office -- with the following information:
    1. Name of authorized user(s)
    2. WAMS User ID (do not include password) of authorized user(s)
    3. Computer Number(s), real estate and personal property, of accounts they are allowed to access

March 27, 2007