System Features


Remaining time: timer The system will close after 30 minutes of inactivity. Navigating between schedules or clicking any button will restart the timer. If the timer expires, you will lose any information entered after navigating between schedules or clicking any buttons.

Clicking on the light bulb icon displays helpful information.


Fields with a stop sign require an error to be corrected prior to filing. Clicking on the stop sign displays an explanation of the problem.

Drop-Down Menu

Drop-Down Menus - The drop down menu allows you to see the schedules you have selected. Schedules with an * have an error or have not been completed. The * must be not visible before the form is ready to file.

Quit Exit the system.
Request Address Change Allows the user to change contact information, for example address or phone number change.
Previous   Back Allows the user to navigate within the system. Always use these buttons instead of your browser “Forward” and “Back” buttons.
Extension Request a filing extension. This button is not active, if you have already been granted an extension or if it is past the date to request an extension.
Record Sale

If you have sold your business, record the buyer's information. If you sold the property after January 1 of the current year, you must file a return for the current year.

Start Return You are ready to start filling out the form.
Amend Return You want to amend a previously e-filed return. This button is enabled after there is an e-filed return recorded with the department for the current year.
Continue return Retrieve your saved return. This will allow you to continue entering data for a form that has not already been filed.
Compute/Edit Updates totals, checks the current section for errors and resets the timer.
Add form Add a schedule you did not choose on the initial start up page.
Delete Form Delete a schedule you chose but do not need.

The file button must be green to file the form with the department. The system will display a confirmation page. You may view and print a copy of your completed return and the confirmation number.

If the file button is red, you need to correct all errors before you can file the form.

Click the “FILE” button to submit the form. If there are no errors, the form is recorded as filed. You will receive a confirmation number. Print and save the confirmation number. You will be able to view and print a copy of your completed return.

Save Filing You can fill out part of the form, save it and continue filling it out at a later time.

Page last updated January 12, 2006