Appealing a Notice or Bill

  1. What can be appealed?
  2. When can I appeal a notice?
  3. How do I appeal a notice?

  1. What can be appealed?

    You can appeal:

    • Changes to your tax return or account
    • Late filing fee
    • Negligence penalty
    • Underpayment interest

    You cannot appeal:

    • Regular and delinquent interest
    • Returned payment charges
    • Refunds applied to other debts
    • Collection fees
  2. When can I appeal a notice?

    You must appeal a notice or bill within 60 days of the notice date. The changes will become final if you do not appeal within 60 days.

  3. How do I appeal a notice?

    To appeal a notice or bill, you need to:

    • Clearly explain why you don’t agree with the notice
    • Attach or include any documents to support your appeal
    • Type (or neatly print) and sign your appeal
    • Write your tax account number, letter ID and the tax period of the notice on all documents you include with your appeal

    You may appeal by mail or fax:

    Wisconsin Department of Revenue
    PO Box 8903
    Madison, WI 53708-8903
    FAX: 608-264-6884

    You may appeal online for individual income tax, fiduciary income tax, homestead credit, occasional consumer use tax and miscellaneous motor fuel tax. Go to Select Appeal a bill/notice.

November 21, 2014