Off-the-Shelf or Downloaded Software

You can prepare and electronically file your tax return using off-the-shelf or downloaded software if:

  1. You have a computer; and
  2. You have Internet access.

Purchased Off-the-Shelf or Downloaded Tax Software:

Additional Information About Online Filing:

*When you e-file and claim certain credits (for example, the homestead credit), you must send documents to verify the credit claimed. The Form W-RA lists what credits need additional documentation and it gives the needed documents.

If you need to send additional documents to verify a credit you claimed, you must send the documents within 48 hours of e-filing. You can:

  1. Attach the required documents to your tax return to be e-filed (if your software allows attachments);
  2. Electronically send through a process explained at; or
  3. Mail to the address given on the Form W-RA.

December 30, 2014