Third-Party Motor Fuel Software


Business taxpayers who have a personal computer, telephone, and modem may purchase and use third-party software to prepare and/or electronically file and pay motor fuel tax returns. Third-party software is available off-the-shelf or via download from vendor websites.

While the Wisconsin Department of Revenue does not charge for electronic filing of motor fuel tax returns, third-party vendors typically charge a fee for their software and/or services. These products vary in price and features. Filers should keep in mind:

Approved Vendor List

The following software vendors have entered into a cooperation agreement with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. This means that the software vendor's file format and transmission method have been successfully tested with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue for reliability.

Vendors or potential participants do not have to be listed on this page to offer motor fuel tax return preparation or transmission.

Product Name /
Phone Number Web Address Vendor-supplied Description
AutoTax / AIMS, Inc. (800) 729-2467

AutoTax is a cost-effective automated software solution for electronically filing excise motor fuel taxes for states that require Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), XML or have other unique filing formats. AutoTax imports motor fuel excise tax data provided by your accounting system and converts that data to the proper file format. It simplifies the e-filing and reporting process for motor fuel excise taxes. AutoTax will accept a .csv data file produced by your accounting software, map that data according to Wisconsin XML standards, and create a file that can be transmitted to Wisconsin's revenue department. For marketers not using AIMS' accounting software, AIMS can provide conversion software that will prepare your data to be imported into AutoTax.

Because AutoTax is a cloud-based solution, it requires no additional hardware or installation of any new software at your location. Simply log into AutoTax, upload your file, run AutoTax to convert your file to XML and transmit the file. It's really that easy.

Contact AIMS at or call us at 800.729.2467 and we will send you an online link to view a short (5 minute) demonstration of AutoTax.

Ascend / FireStream WorldWide (888) 324-9009

Innovative petroleum software automation solutions, specializing in Wholesale, Retail/C-Store, Fleet Management, Cardlock, Inventory/Dispatch Management & Electronic Tax Reporting.

Avalara Returns Excise (877) 780-4848

Avalara Returns Excise generates signature-ready fuel tax returns from fuel transaction data, enabling distributors, terminal operators, suppliers, fleets, retailers, and other filers to automate the filing process. Avalara Returns Excise imports and transforms data from the back-office systems that track fuel transactions. Using customizable rules that embody local, state, and federal tax laws. Avalara Returns Excise determines applicable taxes, generating schedules and returns for all major reporting jurisdictions in the United States. Workflow status is tracked and visible in a dashboard, making it easy to manage the process while helping ensure returns are filed on time. Tax returns can be filed electronically via EDI, XML, Excel, or other formats as well as paper.  (605) 940-4679 Monthly Supplier/Carrier Report (XML).
IDEA / IGenFuels, LLC (920) 455-8673

IGenFuels provides a complete end-to-end motor fuel excise tax solution which allows customers to take their data, in their format, and feed that information into IGenFuels' powerful suite of tools to cleanse, harmonize, validate and report on the data. IGenFuels uses the cleansed and validated data to populate schedules, forms, and where applicable, e-files in the jurisdictional required formats. A compliance reporting tool for businesses of any size, IGenFuels has the solutions to meet any company’s needs. Focused on providing customers with the service they need and deserve, IGenFuels is dedicated to providing top tier solutions and unmatched customer satisfaction in the motor fuel excise tax compliance industry.

Intellifuel Systems, Inc. (321) 264-8707

Intellifuel Systems designs hardware and web-based software for the fueling industry. We believe manual data entry is for the birds, so we automate. Our one-click solution gives you access to your data from anywhere. File your Wisconsin Motor Fuel Taxes using our XML generator, and say goodbye to manual data entry.

 Kerr Consulting (800) 352-4032

Kerr Consulting provides custom SQL data to XML reporting solutions for Wisconsin e-filing. We work with many popular Accounting and ERP software packages to take your data and produce the required XML formats.

Mark Jones Systems, LLC (520) 887-9340

Wisconsin Fuel Tax Reporting. Cost effective Excel based solution for WI XML filings providing quick fully documented accurate returns using data from your inventory and accounting systems. Call for demo on how quick and easy it can be to file your monthly fuel tax reports. Automated solutions available for larger volume 720TO and 720CS filers.

Netkinetix (608) 796-0569

Netkinetix can retrieve your Wisconsin Motor Fuel Tax Return data from your database, spreadsheet or text file, convert it to the required format, and accurately and securely upload it to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. From large corporations to small businesses, Netkinetix has developed systems to streamline information transfer.

Red River Software (701) 281-0781 Software to auto generate all the WI XML EDI fuel tax forms.

Please note:The third party vendor software companies and their websites are not contractually associated with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. Their software products have been tested to assess their reliability. However, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue does not guarantee any aspect of the software, its features, or performance.

Benefits of Electronic Filing

For more information about vendor products, security, pricing, features, technical support, and other aspects, visit their websites or contact them by phone. Important: These products differ in price and features. Look at the total package; investigate all your options.

May 27, 2014