Excise Tax e-File: File Naming Convention

Submission ID - The submission ID is a unique number used to track a return. It is made up of several components, as follows: WTN (the 10 digit Wisconsin Tax Number, remove the 3 digit prefix and the 2 digit suffix from the 15 digit WTN) + ccyy + jjj + Char(3), where ccyy is the 4 digit year, jjj is the 3 digit Julian date (January 31 is 031) plus 3 alpha numeric characters that must be unique for the day (for a total of 20).

Example: WTN = 1234567890
Date = April 26, 2010 = 116 Julian (Ordinal) Date
Unique for day 3 Characters = a05

SubmissionID = 12345678902010116a05

The submission ID is used in two places in naming files for submission.

The xml return is named using the three char prefix from the chart plus the submission ID with an .xml extension

Example: Form CT105 using the Submission ID in the above example would be named C0512345678902010116a05.xml

This return is in a folder named xml.

Attachments: Production submissions may contain attachments, but may be filed without them. If you have attachments, the return must be zipped with the folder containing 1 XML return file and any attachment files. There should be no subdirectories within the ZIP file.

The xml folder containing the xml return and if present the attachments are zipped into a zip archive folder named C0512345678902010116a05.zip

This zip file is what is transferred to the sFTP server.

WARNING: Improperly named or constructed files will be ignored/quarantined by our system.

Excise Tax e-File File Naming Convention

# Form Name File Name
1 Form AB-154 A54 Common Carrier Alcohol Beverage Tax Return
2 Form AB-605 A05 Refund Claim for Beverage Tax
3 Form BT-100 B00 Wisconsin Brewery Fermented Malt Beverage Tax Return
4 Form BT-104 B04 Wisconsin Fermented Malt Beverage Tax Return
5 Form BT-612 B12 Refund Claim for Fermented Malt Beverages Sold to the Armed Forces of the United States
6 Form CT-001 C01 Native American Tribes Claim for Wisconsin Cigarette Tax Refund
7 Form CT-100 C00 Wisconsin Distributor's Cigarette Tax Return
8 Form CT-105 C05 Wisconsin Distributor's Cigarette Tax Return Out-Of-State Permittees
9 Form CT-111 C11 Cigarette Warehouse Report
10 Form CT-114 C14 Quarterly Report of Wisconsin Tax-Paid Cigarettes Purchased
11 Form CT-121S C21 Wisconsin Combined Cigarette Use Tax and Sales Tax Return
12 Form TT-100 T00 Wisconsin Distributor's Tobacco Products Tax Return
13 Form TT-114 T14 Quarterly Report of Wisconsin Tax-Paid Tobacco Products Purchased
14 Form TT-104S T04 Wisconsin Tobacco Products Use Tax and Sales and Use Tax Return
15 Form TT-001 T01 Native American Tribe's Claim for Wisconsin Tobacco Products Tax Refund

November 17, 2011