Known Issues, Workarounds and Hints

  1. The StateSubmissionsManifest has a new optional element StateSchemaVersion. Unfortunately the value is a fixed length 12 character string. This does not match the StateSchemaVersion attribute value. There are two options, 1) Use WIIn2009V1.0 or WIBu2009V1.0 (which are 12 char) or 2) do not include this optional element in the State Manifest.
  2. In the StateSubmissionManifest there is an element SubmissionType. We are validating the manifest and the value of this element must match ReturnHeaderState/ReturnType which comes from an enumerated list in StateEnumerations.xsd
  3. ACH debit payment requests. Wisconsin is not currently able to process IAT debit transactions, so a required checkbox indicating that this is not an IAT transaction has been added to FinancialTransactions.xsd

December 2, 2009