eRETR Tips – Transfer Upon Death Beneficiary

Currently, an Electronic Real Estate Transfer Return (eRETR) is required for any document recorded to designate a Transfer upon Death Beneficiary (TOD) under sec. 705.15, Wis. Stats., as it is not exempt from return under sec. 77.255, Wis. Stats. It is exempt from real estate transfer fee under sec. 77.25(10m), Wis. Stats.

Use these tips to assist you in completing an eRETR, when claiming exemption 10m:

  1. Grantors

    • Grantor(s) is the person(s) designating a beneficiary
    • Grantor/grantee relationship – select "Family" or "Other" and enter "TOD Deed" as an explanation
    • Ownership interest transferred – select "Other" and enter "TOD Deed" as an explanation
    • Rights retained by Grantor – select "Other" and enter "TOD Deed" as an explanation
  2. Grantees

    • Grantee(s) are the designated beneficiary(s) listed on the TOD
    • Do not check the tax bill address box, unless you want the tax bill sent to the grantee. If not, enter the tax bill name and address on the "Transfer" page.
  3. Parcels

    • Primary residence of the grantee – select "No"
    • Note: This does not affect the grantor's eligibility for the lottery credit
  4. Legal and physical description

    • Enter the legal and physical description for the property
  5. Transfer

    • Transfer type – select "Other" and enter "TOD Deed" as an explanation
    • Conveyance date –the date the TOD was signed
    • Conveyance document type – select "Other" and enter "TOD Deed" as an explanation
    • Tax bill mailing address – enter the name and address where you would like the tax bill sent
  6. Financing

    • Select "No financing involved"
  7. Weatherization

    • The property does not need to be certified; select exclusion code "W-3 – Transfer Fee Exempt"
  8. Fee computation

    • Value of real estate conveyed – enter the number "0"
    • Value subject to fee – enter the number "0"
    • Exemption dropdown menu– select "10m – Designate TOD 705.15"

For additional information, review the eRETR Instructions and updated RETR Common Questions on our website.

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July 15, 2014