New Business Seminars

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) is working with Wisconsin Chambers of Commerce and economic development organizations to present "New Business Seminars" throughout Wisconsin in 2014.

A New Business Seminar would be planned jointly with DOR and would help welcome new business owners into the community and ensure that businesses have a basic understanding of Wisconsin's tax regulations. A New Business Seminar would also offer an opportunity for new businesses to get acquainted with the local economic development groups.

At a New Business Seminar, knowledgeable DOR tax specialists will make presentations about key tax topics, including:

  • Business tax registration
  • Withholding tax information
  • Sales and use tax information
  • Other business taxes
  • Electronic filing made easy through My Tax Account
  • Business tax incentives

DOR has received many positive comments from participants in New Business Seminars in the past, including this comment from a survey in 2013:

"This is great for new businesses and covers all the basics."

The New Business Seminars help emphasize that Wisconsin is Open for Business, and DOR is joining in these efforts by working to improve our customer service and enhance the ability for businesses to interact with state government. The input of job providers is critical to these efforts.

To set up a New Business Seminar in your area, or if you would like more detail about planning for a new business seminar, please contact DOR at

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