General Business Articles

Date Description
November 20 Disaster Relief Update: Hurricane Sandy
November 8 Hurricane Sandy Victims Qualify For Disaster Relief
October 18 Motor Vehicle Lease Dealers - "Trade-Ins" and "Turn-Ins"
September 25 My Tax Account Enhancements
August 27 Campgrounds' Charges for Campsites and Electricity
August 3 Sales of Discounted Certificates and Product Vouchers
July 12 Internet Access Services are Taxable in Wisconsin - Update
June 20 Redesigned Notice of Refund
May 30 Account Maintenance and Access Changes in My Tax Account
May 14 New Tax and Training Calendars Posted
May 14 TAX RELEASE: Clean Towel and Uniform Providers
May 7 Biodiesel Fuel Production Income/Franchise Tax Credit
May 7 Cooperative Members Claiming the Dairy Manufacturing Investment Credit
May 7 Election Worker Exemption from Income Tax Withholding
May 2 TAX RELEASE: Prosthetic Devices - Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses - and their Accessories and Supplies
April 19 Sales/Use Tax Exemption for Qualified Research, Biotechnology or Manufacturing
April 19 Removing Client Account Access in My Tax Account
February 20 Wisconsin Job Creation Deduction

February 3, 2014