Private Light, Heat & Power Company Forms

These forms should be used by every light, heat and power company and filed on or before March 1 of any given year, under Sec. 76.28(7), Wis. Stats. In lieu of general property tax, the company will pay an annual license fee assessed on or before May 1 by the Department of Revenue. The fee is based on the gross revenues of the preceding calendar year, as defined under Sec. 76.28(1)(d), Wis. Stats.

Fill-in forms option: Please read the instructions first before using this option. This is not available for all the forms. This option will not electronically file your form.

Form Name Description
Form LP-003 Light, Heat and Power Company's Annual Report for License Fee Purposes (6/13) Fill-In Form
Form UT-149 Operating, Utility-Leased Real Property (10/11) | Fill-In Form
Form UT-149NO Non-Operating Utility-Owned Real Property (10/11) | Fill-In Form
Form UT-149O Utility-Owned Real Property (10/11) | Fill-In Form
Form UT-144 Utility Company Assets Report (e-file form) – Formerly the UT-142 and UT-143
The 2015 form will be available March 2015.


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