News for Tax Professionals (2011)

Date Description
December 28 Treasury Offset Program (TOP) and State Reciprocal Program (SRP)
December 21 Department of Revenue Waives Submission of Certain Wage Statements - Updated 11/11/13
December 8 TAX RELEASE: "Buy One, Get One Free" and Similar Promotions - Update
December 5 2011 Working Together Seminars - Questions & Answers
November 16 My Tax Account
November 8 New Subtraction for Child and Dependent Care Expenses in 2011
November 7 Treatment of Health Insurance Benefits for Adult Children - Update
October 27 Sales of Used Motor Vehicles, Boats, Snowmobiles, Recreational Vehicles as defined in s. 340.01 (48r), Wis. Stats., Trailers, Semitrailers, All-Terrain Vehicles, and Aircraft by Persons Who Are Not Dealers - Update
October 27 Reporting Sales Tax on Sales of Motor Vehicles, Boats, Snowmobiles, Recreational Vehicles, Trailers, Semitrailers, All-Terrain Vehicles, and Aircraft - Update
October 27 Sales-Use Tax Exemption: Property Consumed, Destroyed, or Losing Its Identity in Manufacturing - Update
October 5 Annual Tax Booklet Mailings to Individuals Discontinued
October 5 Disaster Relief Update: Hurricane Irene Irene and Tropical Storm Lee
September 14 Hurricane Irene Victims Qualify For Disaster Relief
July 27 Electronic Filing Mandate Letters to Corporations and Partnerships
July 27 Help Keep Your Client's My Tax Account Secure
July 27 Volunteer Mileage Reimbursement
July 27 Sales and Use Tax Exemption Created for Manufactured and Modular Homes Used in Real Property Construction Activity Outside Wisconsin Effective September 1, 2011
July 7 Admissions to Amusement, Athletic, Entertainment, or Recreational Events or Places
July 7 E-Mail Services Provided With Web Hosting
July 7 Sales and Use Tax Treatment of Liquid Nurse Tanks, Dry Fertilizer Tender Units, and Liquid Fertilizer and Chemical Storage Tanks
July 7 Reminder: Changes to Medical-Related Exemptions
July 7 New Foreign Diplomat Tax Exemption Card Design!- Updated 1/20/15
July 7 Is the Sale of a Dishwasher Taxable?
July 1 Emergency Rule for Wind, Solar, and Certain Gas Powered Products
June 22 Shipments of Tangible Personal Property - Where Do the Sales Take Place? - Updated 7/7/14
June 8 Wisconsin Counties Designated as Disaster Areas
April 21 New Process for Claims for a Decedent's Income Tax Refund
April 14 Tax Information Relating to Health Care Benefits for Children Under Age 27 - Updated 11/7/11
April 11 Credit for Taxes Paid to Other States - Tax on Repair Labor
April 11 Credit for Taxes Paid to Other States - Wisconsin Treats Transaction as Sale and Installation of Tangible Personal Property but the Other State Treats Transaction as Real Property Construction Activity
March 2 Reminder-Claiming Credit for Net Tax Paid to Other States
March 2 Rollovers to Roth IRAs
February 23 2011 Treatment of Health Savings Accounts
February 3 Updated: Letters Mandated Electronic Payments for Individuals
February 1 2010 Treatment of Health Savings Accounts
January 5 Form 1099-G Available On-Line

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