News for Tax Professionals (2009)

Date Description
December 22 Health Insurance Benefits to Domestic Partner May Result in Taxable Income to Employee
December 21 Withholding Tax Information For Wisconsin Residents Employed in Another State
December 21 Filing Wage Statements and Information Returns
December 21 Wisconsin e-file Update
December 18 Reminder: Voluntary Disclosure Program Regarding Offshore Accounts
December 14 Transportation Benefits
December 14 Juneteenth Day a Legal Holiday
December 14 Volunteer Firefighter and Emergency Medical Responder Benefits
December 14 EFT Registration and Payment System No Longer Available
December 14 2009 Required Minimum Distributions From IRA or Qualified Retirement Plan Waived for 2009
December 10 The Highest Applicable Tax Rates for Estimated Payments are 7.75 and 7.9%
December 7 Year-End Tax Planning Differences
December 4 Items Given Away For Free - Change In Wisconsin Sales and Use Tax Treatment Effective October 1, 2009 - Updated 12/8/11
December 4 Equipment Provided With Operator - Tax Treatment Changed - Updated 7/7/14
November 30 Increased Tuition Subtraction for 2009
November 24 Health Insurance for Adult Children up to Age 27
November 16 IRS/DOR Tax Practitioner Workshops a Success
November 3 Voluntary Disclosure Program for Taxpayers with a Wisconsin Filing Requirement Related to Foreign Bank Accounts
October 8 Wisconsin Sales and Use Tax Changes Effective October 1, 2009
October 6 Section 179 Expense for Farmers For 2009
October 1 Sales of Used Motor Vehicles, Boats, Snowmobiles, Recreational Vehicles as defined in s. 340.01 (48r), Wis. Stats., Trailers, Semitrailers, All-Terrain Vehicles, and Aircraft by Persons Who are Not Dealers - Updated 10/27/11
September 28 Domestic Production Activities Deduction Does Not Apply for Wisconsin for 2009
September 28 2009 Wisconsin Tax Benefits for Medical Care Insurance
September 28 Wisconsin - Minnesota Reciprocity Agreement Ends Effective January 1, 2010
September 22 Effect of Cobra Assistance on the Wisconsin Subtraction for Medical Care Insurance
September 17 Pass-Through Entity Quarterly Estimated Withholding Tax Payments
September 14 2009 Treatment of IRA Distributions Donated to Charity
September 14 Guidance on Ponzi Schemes and Theft Losses
September 9 2009 Taxation of Unemployment Compensation
August 18 New Police and Fire Protection Fee
August 10 E-File Mandate for Corporation Combined Returns
July 27 Wisconsin Employer's Withholding Tax Guide Revised
July 24 CAR Allowance Rebate System - "Cash for Clunkers"
July 21 My Tax Account: Third Party Update
July 13 Wisconsin Capital Gain Exclusion Revised
July 6 Top Income Tax Rate Increased
July 6 Internet Posting of Revoked Delinquent Accounts
July 1 NEW Sales and Use Tax Laws - 2009 Wis. Act 28
July 1 Disregarded Entities (Sales and Use Tax)
June 19 IRS and WDOR to Promote E-Services and My Tax Account at Four Seminars Around the State
June 18 Electronic Filing Mandate Notice to Businesses
June 18 No More Mailing of Paper Sales and Use Tax (ST-12) or Withholding Tax (WT-7) Returns
May 29 Documentation Requirements Revised for Certain Menasha Claims for Refund
May 14 Third Party Account Authorization in My Tax Account
May 13 My Tax Account for Business Taxpayers
April 17 Updated Wisconsin Property Assessment Manual Now Available
April 3 Self-Reported Underpayment Interest
April 3 Processing Issue - Notice of Amount Due
March 16 Wisconsin Sales and Use Tax Treatment of Computer Software Changes on March 6, 2009
March 9 Combined Reporting: The First Two Payments of Estimated Tax and Other Important Deadlines
March 6 Unlawful Discrimination Suits and Attorney Fees
March 6 2008 Treatment of IRA Distributions Donated to Charity
March 6 Section 179 Expense for Farmers
March 6 2008 Wisconsin Tax Benefits for Medical Care Insurance
March 6 Municipal Computer Printouts May Replace Property Tax Bills
March 6 Electronic W-RAs: How to "Zip" a File
March 6 New Electronic Filing Reject Codes for Tax Year 2008
March 6 Top Reasons for Electronic Filing Rejects for Tax Year 2007
March 6 New Underpayment Interest Exception/Waiver Codes
March 6 Application to Verify Estimated Tax Payments
March 4 Additional Guidance for Disclosing Related Entity Expenses
February 19 Individual Income Tax 2008 - Top Reasons for Electronic Filing Rejects
February 19 Individual Income Tax Update
February 12 Wisconsin Tax Treatment of Disregarded Entities Update
February 12 Tax Benefits for Midwestern Disaster Areas
February 12 Donations on 2008 Tax Returns
February 12 Extension of Time to File Partnership and Fiduciary Returns
February 11 Wisconsin Law Prohibits Disclosure of Client Tax Information
February 2 Do Not Send Partnership Return Information by Magnetic Media
January 23 DOR Unveils My Tax Account
January 22 Use Correct Year's Form
January 22 Reminder: Form PW-2 (Pass-Through Entity Withholding Affidavit)
January 2 New For 2008 -- Social Security Benefits not Taxable for Wisconsin

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