2-D Barcode General Information

Below are the general rules for 2-D barcodes. Failure to follow these rules will cause delays in processing of the returns.

Important Considerations

Wisconsin will not utilize 2-D barcodes on Schedule H and Schedule H-EZ, Form 1A and WIZ. If the schedules are filed with a tax return, the captured data from the Schedule H and Schedule H-EZ will still be included in the 2-D barcode on the tax form.

Sample test forms submitted for approval must contain the exact data as test forms posted on the Department of Revenue (DOR) Internet website. Forms and 1-D barcodes must be approved before 2-D barcodes can be approved.

If any forms are revised after they have been approved, the 1-D barcode and 2-D barcode header information must be updated and the revised form must also be sent in for approval. This includes changes made to wording, captions and spacing.

The X dimension of the barcode must be at least 15 mils. Anything less will cause problems in reading the 2-D barcode. The minimum Y/X ratio of the barcode element should be 2.

Data in the 2-D Barcode

Information About Printing Returns

Page last updated October 2, 2012