June 20, 2013

To: Statutory Assessors

The Provide Assessment Data system (PAD) is open to enter 2013 sales information.

PAD Procedures & Codes:

  1. Validate all sales first
    • Determine if the sale is an arm's-length transaction through inspection in the field, interviews, and questionnaires.
    • Review foreclosure related sales carefully - sales by financial institutions may be arm's-length.
    • Use the correct reject codes when rejecting a sale. Reject codes are separated into two categories: non arm's-length (codes 11-59) and ratio reject (codes 71-79).
      • Codes ending in a "9" should be used only when no other reject code reason fits the criteria for rejecting the sale. In these cases, a reason for rejecting must be included in the comment field.
      • See pages 18-27 of the PAD manual (PDF) for explanations of the codes.
      • The comments field can also be used to provide unique information about the sale, e.g. frac sand.
  2. Provide assessment data
    • For 2013 sales, use the January 1, 2013 assessment, after adjournment of the 2013 Board of Review.
    • Provide the assessments for all parcels that sold.
    • Include the assessment for any improvements for sales with improvements.
  3. Provide property attributes

2012 Sales:

Split Parcels:

Contact your Equalization District Office:

Electronic File Transfer:

Please remember – PAD does not provide a complete list of sales.

Thank you.

Page last updated June 21, 2013