Income Tax Articles

Date Description
December 28 Treasury Offset Program (TOP) and State Reciprocal Program (SRP)
November 8 New Subtraction for Child and Dependent Care Expenses in 2011
November 7 Treatment of Health Insurance Benefits for Adult Children - Update
October 5 Annual Tax Booklet Mailings to Individuals Discontinued
October 5 Disaster Relief Update: Hurricane Irene Irene and Tropical Storm Lee
September 14 Hurricane Irene Victims Qualify For Disaster Relief
July 27 Volunteer Mileage Reimbursement
June 8 Wisconsin Counties Designated as Disaster Areas
April 21 New Process for Claims for a Decedent's Income Tax Refund
April 14 Tax Information Relating to Health Care Benefits for Children Under Age 27 - Updated 11/7/11
March 2 Reminder-Claiming Credit for Net Tax Paid to Other States
March 2 Rollovers to Roth IRAs
February 23 2011 Treatment of Health Savings Accounts
February 3 Updated: Letters Mandated Electronic Payments for Individuals
February 1 2010 Treatment of Health Savings Accounts
January 5 Form 1099-G Available On-Line

December 6, 2013