2014 Partnership Tax Forms

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Form Name Status Date
Form 1CNP Final 11/25/2014 Composite Wisconsin Individual Income Tax Return for Nonresident Partners | Instructions
Form 3 Final 12/3/2014 Wisconsin Partnership Return | Instructions
Form PW-1 Final 11/25/2014 Wisconsin Nonresident Income or Franchise Tax Withholding on Pass-Through Entity Income | Instructions
Form PW-2 Final 12/3/2014 Wisconsin Nonresident Partner, Member, Shareholder, or Beneficiary
Withholding Exemption Affidavit | Instructions
Form PW-U Final 10/14/2014 Underpayment of Estimated Withholding Tax by Pass-Through Entities
Form PW-ES (Fill-In Form) Final 02/12/2014 Wisconsin Pass-Through Entity Withholding Estimated Tax Voucher
Form W-RA Final 10/20/2014 Required Attachments for Electronic Filing and Instructions
Schedule 3K-1 Final 12/3/2014 Partner’s Share of Income, Deductions, Credits, etc. | Instructions
Schedule 4V Final 11/25/2014 Wisconsin Additions to Federal Income | Instructions
Schedule 4W Final 11/25/2014 Wisconsin Subtractions From Federal Income | Instructions
Schedule 4Y Final 11/25/2014 Wisconsin Subtraction Modification for Dividends | Instructions
Schedule CM Final 12/4/2014 Community Rehabilitation Program Credit | Instructions
Schedule DC Final 12/4/2014 Wisconsin Development Zones Credits | Instructions
Schedule DE Final 12/5/2014 Disregarded Entity Schedule
Schedule EC Final 11/21/2014 Enterprise Zone Jobs Credit
Schedule ED Final 11/21/2014 Wisconsin Economic Development Tax Credit | Instructions
Schedule HI Final 10/9/2014 Health Insurance Risk-Sharing Plan Assessments Credit
Schedule HR Final 11/21/2014 Wisconsin Historic Rehabilitation Credits | Instructions
Schedule JC Final 12/4/2014 Job Creation Deduction | Instructions
Schedule JT Final 11/21/2014 Wisconsin Jobs Tax Credit
Schedule MA-A Final 12/5/2014 Wisconsin Agricultural Credit | Instructions
Schedule MA-M Final 12/5/2014 Wisconsin Manufacturing Credit | Instructions
Schedule MI Final 10/9/2014 Manufacturing Investment Credit
Schedule MS Final 11/25/2014 Wisconsin Manufacturer’s Sales Tax Credit Carryforward Allowable | Instructions
Schedule R-1 Final 12/3/2014 Increased Wisconsin Research Credits for Activities Related to Internal Combustion Engines | Instructions
Schedule R-2 Final 12/3/2014 Increased Wisconsin Research Credits for Activities Related to Certain Energy Efficient Products | Instructions
Schedule R Final 12/3/2014 Wisconsin Research Credits | Instructions
Schedule RB Final 12/4/2014 Relocated Business Credit or Deduction | Instructions
Schedule RT-1 Final 11/25/2014 Statement of Disallowed Related Entity Expenses | Instructions
Schedule RT Final 11/25/2014 Wisconsin Related Entity Expenses Disclosure Statement | Instructions
Schedule TC Final 11/21/2014 Wisconsin Technology Zone Credit
Schedule VC Final 12/3/2014 Wisconsin Venture Capital Credits | Instructions
Schedule WB Final 10/14/2014 Woody Biomass Harvesting and Processing Credit

* Prior to finalization, many of the major Wisconsin income and franchise tax forms and instructions are available as advance drafts. Note: These advance draft items are not final and are subject to change at any time.

December 5, 2014