2014 Corporation Tax Forms

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Form Name Status Date
Form 4
Draft 06/25/2014 Wisconsin Non-Combined Corporation Franchise or Income Tax Return
Form 4-ES
(Fill-In Form)
Final 02/18/2014 Corporation Estimated Tax Voucher | Instruction
Form 6
Draft 06/25/2014 Wisconsin Combined Corporation Franchise or Income Tax Return
Form 6BL
Draft 06/25/2014 Wisconsin Net Business Loss Carryforward for Combined Group Members
Form 6CL
Draft 06/25/2014 Capital Loss Adjustment
Form 6CS
Draft 06/26/2014 Sharing of Research Credits
Form 6I
Draft 06/26/2014 Adjustment for Insurance Companies
Form 6Y
Draft 06/26/2014 Modification for Dividends
Form A-1
Draft 06/25/2014 Wisconsin Apportionment Data for Single Factor Formulas
Form A-2
Draft 06/25/2014 Wisconsin Apportionment Data for Multiple Factor Formulas
Form HR-T
Final 07/17/2014 Transfer of Supplement to Federal Historic Rehabilitation Credit
Form N
Draft 06/25/2014 Wisconsin Nonapportionable and Separately Apportioned Income
Form PW-ES (Fill-In Form) Final 02/12/2014 Wisconsin Pass-Through Entity Withholding Estimated Tax Voucher
Form W-RA
Draft 07/25/2014 Required Attachments for Electronic Filing and Instructions
Schedule CF
Draft 08/04/2014 Carryforward of Unused Credits
Schedule FC
Draft 06/25/2014 Farmland Preservation Credit
Schedule FC-A
Draft 06/25/2014 Farmland Preservation Credit

* Prior to finalization, many of the major Wisconsin income and franchise tax forms and instructions are available as advance drafts. Note: These advance draft items are not final and are subject to change at any time.

August 26, 2014