Limited-Term Employment (LTE) Common Questions

Applicants must be 18 years or older to apply.
Criminal background checks will be conducted prior to hire.

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) hires limited-term employees each year to assist with the tax processing season. We offer a variety of temporary positions, including Customer Service Representatives, General Clericals, Data Entry/Verification Operators, Revenue Tax Assistants, Revenue Tax Representatives, and Laborers. The majority of these positions are located in Madison, however our district and branch offices statewide also have a limited number of opportunities each season.

Limited-term employment with DOR is a challenging, valuable work experience. Limited-term positions are not permanent civil service positions, and as such, these positions do not offer the full range of benefits of civil service employment. These opportunities can however, provide insight to the variety of positions and opportunities for employment available with the DOR.

Commonly asked questions about DOR LTE opportunities:

When are the positions scheduled to begin?

The majority of the positions start in February, however some positions are available as early as November.

How long will the jobs last?

Some jobs last as little as one month, and others as long as six months. The length of each job depends upon the project or the type of work involved.

What are the duties involved with the positions?

Customer Service Representative - These positions respond to routine telephone calls and email responses from taxpayers related to their Wisconsin Income Tax Return.

General - The most common jobs involve reviewing and processing of tax documents and homestead credit claims, including: mail opening, checking for completeness and accuracy of documents, coding tax documents for computer entry, generating correspondence, making adjustments and answering telephone calls. Other duties an LTE may be assigned include: alphabetizing, filing, mailing, error correction, typing, operating calculators, and researching information.

Data Entry/Verification - This involves keying data from tax documents on a computer terminal, using a key-to-disk system or verifying and correcting data. Fast-paced work environment.

Laborer - The most common laborer positions involve preparing tax booklets and forms for mailing and moving returns and equipment through the processing cycle. Physical strength and the ability to stand for long periods of time are required for laborer jobs.

Revenue Tax Assistant - These positions open, screen, sort, and prepare tax returns for scanning.

Revenue Tax Representatives - These positions review and resolve non-complex and routine tax returns and payments. The most common job duties include open, screen, sort and route mail, and enter and assign appeals.

What shifts are available?

Shift schedules may vary between work units. Specific work hours will be determined by the supervisors at the time of hire. The general shift categories are:

Full-Time Days: 40 hours per week, Monday - Friday
Part-Time Days: minimum of 20 hours per week
Nights: 20-40 hours per week, Monday - Friday, generally starting between 3:00 - 5:00 PM.

Additional information: We provide on-the-job training. The length of the training period depends on the position. During the training period, you will learn the duties of the position, and your performance will be evaluated. During the training period it may be necessary to work a specified schedule. Some positions have special job-related requirements, such as physical standards (lifting 25-75 lbs.)

The Department of Revenue is an EEO/AA/ADA Employer and encourages all to apply including bilingual applicants.

October 8, 2014