Electronic filing (e-filing) Manufacturing M-Forms

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) recommends you e-file your M-Forms and extension requests.

Due Date - March 3, 2014:

Get Started   Register to e-file

To e-file, you need a Wisconsin User ID through the Web Access Management System (WAMS).

  1. Register for a WAMS User ID
    Note: You will use this ID to file or amend your returns, or inquire about your account.
  2. Complete the electronic authorization request form
    Note: You will need your WAMS User ID from Step #1.
  3. Fax your signed authorization request form (completed in Step #2) to the district office in your area
  4. Once you receive a confirmation email, you may begin filing. To file M-Forms online, your internet browser should:
    • Be Firefox 1.5, Internet Explorer 6.0 or Netscape 7.0 and higher
    • Support Secure Sockets Layer 128 bit encryption
    • Support and have cookies and JavaScript turned on

File Your Form   Sign into WAMS

Request an Extension

Method of Extension Request

  1. Online Request   (authorized e-file users)
    1. Using your WAMS ID, login to the M-Forms manufacturing assessment system
    2. Click the "State ID #" associated with the account
    3. On the "Account History" page, click "Request Extension" (Filing History Section)
    4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for every account you are requesting an extension
  2. Email or Fax your extension request to the district office in your area
    To verify delivery, choose email delivery receipt confirmation (sender option) or fax transmission confirmation report.
  3. Written Requests   Send your extension request in writing (not by telephone) to the district office in your area, with the heading "Attn: Extensions"
    • For proof you mailed your request, we recommend you get a USPS certificate of mailing

Note: For Manufacturing real and personal property, you must also:

Extension Filing Deadline

If you are granted an extension, state law allows one filing extension to April 1, 2014. DOR must receive your extension request on or before March 3, 2014. For more information, see "Request an Extension" above.

Late Filing Penalty

If you do not file your M-Form or file it late, you will receive a non-filing penalty and lose the right to appeal your assessment. See Late filing fee.

Amend Your Form   Sign into WAMS

Other Services

For more information or if you have trouble e-filing your M-Form, contact the DOR Manufacturing & Utility District Office in your area.

February 11, 2014