Form Name Description
PA-130 Objection to Manufacturing Classification Decision (5/14)
PA-131 Manufacturer's Objection to Personal Property Assessment (5/11)
PA-132 Manufacturer's Objection to Real Estate Assessment (5/11)
PA-133 Objection to Personal Property Filing Penalty (5/11)
PA-134 Objection to Real Estate Filing Penalty (5/11)
PA-135 Municipal Objection to Manufacturing Personal Property Assessment (5/11)
PA-136 Municipal Objection to Manufacturing Real Estate Assessment (5/11)
PA-137 Property Owner's Objection to Change in Reported Exempt Computers (5/11)
PA-138 Appeal Withdrawal (5/11)
PA-750 L Form M-L --- 2014 Leased, Rented, or Loaned Personal Property Return (1/14) | Online Filing
PA-750 P Form M-P --- 2014 Manufacturing Personal Property Return (1/14) | Online Filing
PA-750 R Form M-R --- 2014 Manufacturing Real Estate Return (1/14) | Online Filing
PA-780 Questionnaire for Potential Manufacturers (8/14) (Excel)

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