City/Village Tax Incremental Finance
Simultaneous Creation and Subtraction

Wis. Stat. 66.1105(17) allows for the simultaneous creation of a new tax incremental district and a territory subtraction without adopting a resolution containing the 12-percent-limit findings specified in sub. (4)(gm)4.c.

In place of that resolution, all of the following four criteria must apply and be submitted:

  1. The municipality includes both the new TID application and the territory subtraction application.

  2. The municipality provides the department of revenue with appraisals from certified appraisers, as defined in Wis. Stats. 458.01 (7), which demonstrate the following:

    1. One appraisal that shows the current fair market value of the taxable property within the new TID.
    2. Another appraisal that shows the current fair market value of the taxable property that the municipality proposes to subtract from an existing TID.

  3. Both appraisals under subd. 2. demonstrate that the value of the taxable property that is subtracted from an existing district equals or exceeds the amount that the department of revenue believes is necessary to ensure that, when the proposed district is created, the 12-percent limit specified in sub. (4) (gm) 4. c. is met.

  4. The municipality certifies to the department of revenue that no other district created under this paragraph currently exists in the municipality.

What does this mean to the municipality? In order to create a new TID and still stay within the 12-percent limitation, you can now subtract territory from an existing TID at the same time, by way of a territory amendment. The current value of property subtracted from an existing TID can be used to keep the municipality within the 12-percent limitation. Once this is done, you cannot submit another simultaneous creation/subtraction until the newly created TID has been terminated.

Complete TID creation application packet Complete Territory Amendment (subtraction)

Required Department of Revenue forms are available at:

Remember to submit the two required certified appraisals along with this packet. The territory amendment (subtraction) packet should be submitted at the same time as the creation packet.

Required Department of Revenue forms are available at:

Remember with the subtraction, the values of the subtracted parcels used on the forms for this packet are as of the year they were placed in the TID (either as a creation or addition amendment), but the appraisals for the subtraction must be for the current fair market value of those parcels.

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Last updated October 15, 2008