Town Tax Incremental Finance (TIF)
Project Plan Amendments

When amending a Town Project Plan, there are several important steps that must be followed to comply with state law. Primarily, these deal with public notices and the adoption of specific resolutions.

Publications/Forms Description
PE-207T A Guide to Wisconsin's Tax Increment Law - Creating a Town District (4/13) - has detailed information on required class 2 notices in accordance with ch. 985 of the Wisconsin Statutes.
PE-221AT Town TIF Districts Timeline for Amending Project Plans (1/10) - lays out the steps involved in adopting amended plans.
PE-109 TID Project Plan Amendment Checklist (3/13) - step-by-step list to help you make sure you have completed all the necessary forms and resolutions.
PE-605A Project Plan Amendment - Legal Requirements (3/13)

Please complete and return the appropriate forms for amending a Town Tax Incremental District by December 31. Return them to:

Wisconsin Department of Revenue
Attn: Office of Technical and Assessment Services
Mail Stop 6-97, P.O. Box 8971
Madison, WI 53708-8971
Phone (608) 266-5708
Fax (608) 264-6897
E-mail -

Last updated May 1, 2013