Multijurisdictional Tax Incremental Finance (TIF)
Base Year Packet

Effective October 1, 2012, Cities and Villages may create a multijurisdictional Tax Incremental District (TID) under sec. 66.1105(18), Wis. Stats.  The procedures and forms are the same as when creating a regular TID except for the following statutory requirements:

    1. Identify the type of TID and all the participating municipalities when the lead municipality submits the 60 day notice to the Department of Revenue (DOR).
    2. Provide a copy of the Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement with the provisions outlined in sec. 66.1105(18(b), Wis. Stats.:
      1. A detailed description of how all of the participating cities will be able to exercise the powers authorized under sec. 66.1105 (18) (3), Wis. Stats., and meet the requirements under sec. 66.1105 (18) (4), Wis. Stats.
      2. A detailed description of how determinations will be made that relate to incurring debt, expending funds for project costs, and distributing positive tax increments allocated by the department of revenue.
      3. The extent to which one of the cities will be authorized by all of the other participating cities to act on behalf of all of the participating cities on some or all matters relating to the district.
      4. A binding dispute resolution procedure to be used by the cities to resolve in a timely fashion any disputes between the participating cities related to the agreement or to the district. The dispute resolution procedure shall include a dissolution provision that allows all of the participating cities to agree to jointly dissolve the district at any time before a dispute is settled by the binding dispute resolution procedure and before the district would otherwise terminate under sec. 66.1105 (18) (7), Wis. Stats. The dissolution provision shall describe in detail how and under what circumstances the district may be dissolved before it would otherwise terminate under sec. 66.1105 (18) (7), Wis. Stats and shall specify how the district's assets, liabilities, and any other outstanding obligations will be distributed among the participating cities.
      5. A detailed description of the proposed membership of the joint review board.
      6. A detailed description of the responsibilities of each city's planning commission, the membership and authority of the planning commission for the district, and the operating procedures to be followed by the district's planning commission.
      7. A detailed description of the responsibilities of each city's clerk, treasurer, assessor, and any other officer or official to carry out the requirements of this section, and a detailed description of which clerk, treasurer, assessor, officer, or official will be responsible for each task specified in this section.
      8. Which city will be the lead city for purposes of completing any documents or tasks that this section or the department of revenue require to be completed, which city will be responsible for submitting the district's creation documents, and which city will be responsible for submitting the district's project plan amendment documents.
      9. That all of the participating cities agree that the district's application will be submitted in its entirety as one complete application by the lead city, as determined by the department of revenue.
      10. Consistent with the requirements of sec. 66.1105 (18) (7), Wis. Stats., a statement that the entire district will terminate at one time as a single entity and that the lead city shall submit to the department of revenue all necessary notices and reports relating to the termination of the district.
      11. A detailed description of the procedures the participating cities will follow to determine all of the following:
        • Whether the district's life may be extended under sec. 66.1105 (6) (g) 1. or (7) (am) 2. or 3, Wis. Stats.
        • How the project plan or boundaries of the district may be amended under sec. 66.1105 (4) (h) 1. or 2, Wis. Stats.
      12. A description of how any annexation costs incurred by a participating city under sec. 66.0219 (10) (a) 1., Wis. Stats., will be shared among all of the participating cities if the annexed territory is part of the district.
    3. Provide the required forms for each participating each municipality.
    4. Identify the Joint Review Board (JRB) membership, showing who they represent and how they voted.
    5. Provide any additional resolutions that are required under sec. 66.1105(10)(d), Wis. Stats., for overlapping boundaries.

Forms needed to complete a Tax Incremental District (TID) creation application packet are available on this page. In addition, there are several helpful publications and checklists that explain the TIF procedure. It is essential that you complete the application packet accurately; mistakes could mean that your TID does not get certified.

The Department of Revenue (DOR) uses the information on the forms to establish the district's base value and to verify that proper legal procedures were followed. When completing these forms, use consistent identification numbers on the forms and on the required maps. For TIDs created after October 1, 2012, these forms must be completed and submitted to DOR on or before October 31, 2013.  The process of certifying base values does not begin until after January 1 of the year following creation.

Forms Description
Excel Format Contains all of the necessary forms. Best practice is to open the workbook, save it to your computer (remember location), and then go offline to complete the forms.
  Tax Incremental Financing Remittance Fee
Note: Effective April 1, 2010, all fees will be transmitted electronically through "My Tax Account." Upon notification that a TID has been created a bill will be generated in "My Tax Account" for payment.
Publications Description
PE-207 A Guide to Wisconsin's Tax Increment Law - Creating a District (4/13)
PE-212 Tax Incremental Finance - An Intergovernmental/Private Partnership (9/08)
PE-213 Municipal (City/Village/Town) TIF - Joint Review Board Information (8/13)
PE-215 Municipal (City/Village/Town) TIF - Common Language Guidelines for Project Plans (9/08)
PE-221 Municipal TIF Districts Timeline for Creation (10/10)
66.1105 Law Composite Tax Increment Law (12/11)
Checklists Description
PE-109 TID Base Year Packet Checklist (3/13) - will identify the forms needed.
PE-222 TID Creation Resolution Checklist (11/10) - identifies findings that the local government body must contain in their resolution.

Complete and return the appropriate forms for creating a Tax Incremental District to:

Wisconsin Department of Revenue
Attn: Office of Technical and Assessment Services
Mail Stop 6-97, P.O. Box 8971
Madison, WI 53708-8971
Phone (608) 266-5708
Fax (608) 264-6897
E-mail -

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