City/Village Tax Incremental Finance (TIF) (Sec. 66.1105, Wis. Stats.)
Territory Amendment Packet
(for parcels that are being added)

An active Tax Incremental District (TID) can amend boundaries up to four times by adding whole parcels that are contiguous to the existing boundaries. Each territory addition requires a $1,000 fee and there are several important steps that must be followed to comply with state law. The redetermined base is calculated by adding the additional parcels, at the appropriate Equalized Value, plus the existing base value.

For territory amendments (addition) approved after October 1, these forms must be completed and submitted to the Department of Revenue (DOR) on or before October 31 of the following year based on the amendment resolution date. Newly-annexed parcels must be reported on separate forms other than the municipality's set of forms. DOR uses the information on these forms to establish the TID's amended base value and to verify that the proper legal procedures were followed.

Form Name Description
Excel format Contains all of the necessary forms. The best practice is to open the workbook, save it to your computer (remember location), and then go offline to complete the forms.
  Tax Incremental Financing Remittance Fee
Note: All fees will be transmitted electronically through "My Tax Account." Upon notification that a TID has been created, a bill will be generated in "My Tax Account" for payment.
Publications Description
PE-207 A Guide to Wisconsin's Tax Increment Law - Creating a District (4/13) - has detailed information on required class 2 notices in accordance with ch. 985 of the Wisconsin Statutes.
PE-221A Municipal TIF Districts Timeline for Amending Project Plans (10/10) - describes the different kinds of amendments and lays out the steps involved in adopting them.
Checklist Description
PE-109 TID Project Plan Amendment Checklist (3/13) - identifies the forms needed for each addition boundary amendment.

Complete and return the appropriate forms for amending a TID to:

Wisconsin Department of Revenue
Attn: Office of Technical and Assessment Services
Mail Stop 6-97, P.O. Box 8971
Madison, WI 53708-8971
Phone (608) 266-5708
Fax (608) 264-6897
E-mail -

Last updated May 1, 2013