2008 Form PW-1 E-File Transmission

Important: You MUST have Excel 2003 installed on your local PC to use this PW-1 E-File Transmission application.

This page explains how to download a blank Form PW-1 in the proper format. After you have entered your Form PW-1 data and saved it as described below, use the “Ready to Transfer” link at the bottom of this page to retrieve and send your form to the Department.

Links below provide information about this new process. To correctly view the schema and sample instance document you will need to use Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher.

Specific Instructions

  1. Download the Form PW-1 template by clicking the link below. The template is in Microsoft Excel format. If a dialog box appears when you click on the link below, select the "Save" option ONLY. DO NOT select the "Open" option.

    Download Form PW-1 Template for 2008

  2. Make sure your macro security in Excel is set no higher than “Medium” or the macros will be disabled and you will not be able to generate the XML file. Steps:
    • Open Excel (it should default to an empty spreadsheet)
    • From the menu bar, select TOOLS > MACROS > SECURITY
    • Select either the “Medium” or “Low” radio buttons
    • Click “OK” and close Excel

  3. Open the template from your computer. If you've set your macro security to “Medium”, a pop-up message will instruct you to “disable macros” or “enable macros”. Be certain to “enable macros”.

  4. Complete Part 1 and Part 2 of the Form PW-1 template. If you already have Form PW-1 data stored at another location on your computer, you may wish to copy and paste the data.
    • When entering a foreign address (ANY address outside the U.S.), enter "FO" in the State field and "00000" (5-zeros) in the Zip Code field.
    • For withholding tables and instructions for how to complete Part 1 and Part 2, see the Form PW-1 Instructions.
    • Do not delete columns or rows.

  5. Choose Payment Method:
    • If you are already registered to make sales or business tax payments through the Department's EFT system and wish to pay through that system, go to www.revenue.wi.gov/eserv/eftgen.html to make your payment.

    • If you are not using the EFT system, enter the bank information requested and indicate whether the account is a savings or checking account. Your payment will be automatically withdrawn within two business days of your filing.

  6. Save the file to your computer (recommended) during the process of completing the form and when complete. Do this the same way you would save any other Excel spreadsheet.

  7. Print your report (recommended) the same way you would print any other Excel spreadsheet. To avoid printing excess rows, use the "Hide" or "Print Area" command.

  8. Create the .XML File by clicking the Generate XML File button in the template. The file will save in “.xml” format. We recommend you store the .xml file in the same location and use the same name as your previously saved Excel (.xls) file. Do not save the Excel file as an XML file without using the Generate XML File button. If you don't use this button, the file transmission will not work.

  9. Transfer the .XML File by clicking the “Ready to Transfer” link at the bottom of this page, which links you to the DOR File Transmission page.
    • You can send test or zipped (compressed) files. Click the radio buttons as appropriate.
    • Use the “Browse” button to find the .xml file in your computer.
    • Click the “Transfer” button.
    • A pop-up screen will give you immediate confirmation of whether the return was accepted.

Ready to Transfer


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October 5, 2009