Liquor License Report

Clerks are required to report businesses that have a liquor license issued by their municipality by July 15th each year. DOR has created a new form to make this filing requirement easier. This form displays all license holders reported last year. Clerks are able to add new license holders and delete inactive licenses. We have created two guides to help you with the new process:

Upload Bulk File

Special Notes for Online Filing

Getting Started

  1. Get a list of all your active or newly issued licenses.
  2. When you click the "Start Filing" button below you will be presented with the licenses you report to DOR last year.
  3. Compare the list. Delete any inactive licenses. Add any new license holders.
  4. Submit to DOR when completed.

Adobe Reader 9.1 or above is required – Download Adobe Reader 10.0
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Last updated April 21, 2014