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Monthly Error Reports

Please review the following reports for detailed information on the current status of MeF returns. The table includes links to information for each month. We have compiled a list of specific errors for the month by form type so that you can see the current issues affecting MeF returns.

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February 14, 2013

We have had a large number of F1-230 rejects and ErrorMessage: Schedule EIC-A must be completed for each child claimed for the earned income credit. Please be sure the number of children listed in the EIC-A matches the appropriate percentage in Form1/Body/EarnedIncomeCredit/EICApplicableRate. 1 child = 4%, 2 children = 11%, 3 or more children = 34%.

We have had a large number of rejected submissions with error code F*-992 and ErrorMessage: When Schedule H is filed, a Rent Certificate or Property Tax Bill must be attached. If the property tax bill is included it must have a value in at least one of the following Section1 elements: PropertyTaxes, NetPropertyTaxes, or PropertyTaxesAllocated. If the rent certificate is included at least one of the following Landlord elements must have a value: MobileHomesTaxesFees, ByThisRenter/MonthlyRent, TotalRentForUnit, ThisRentersShare, RentOccupancyOnly.

February 15, 2012

Yesterday morning we rejected a number of submission with code F*-994 and Error Message: Direct Deposit routing transit number is invalid or blank. We validate routing transit numbers against a table of valid numbers, however we experienced a short period of time where that table look up was failing. The issue was resolved by mid-morning. You should resubmit any returns rejected with this code yesterday morning.

October 1, 2013