General Business Articles

Date Description
November 20 Disaster Relief Update: Hurricane Sandy
November 8 Hurricane Sandy Victims Qualify For Disaster Relief
October 18 Motor Vehicle Lease Dealers - "Trade-Ins" and "Turn-Ins"
September 25 My Tax Account Enhancements
August 27 Campgrounds' Charges for Campsites and Electricity
August 3 Sales of Discounted Certificates and Product Vouchers
July 12 Internet Access Services are Taxable in Wisconsin
June 20 Redesigned Notice of Refund
May 30 Account Maintenance and Access Changes in My Tax Account
May 14 New Tax and Training Calendars Posted
May 14 TAX RELEASE: Clean Towel and Uniform Providers
May 7 Biodiesel Fuel Production Income/Franchise Tax Credit
May 7 Cooperative Members Claiming the Dairy Manufacturing Investment Credit
May 7 Election Worker Exemption from Income Tax Withholding
May 2 TAX RELEASE: Prosthetic Devices - Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses - and their Accessories and Supplies
April 19 Sales/Use Tax Exemption for Qualified Research, Biotechnology or Manufacturing
April 19 Removing Client Account Access in My Tax Account
February 20 Wisconsin Job Creation Deduction

Last updated February 3, 2014